How can COMMONTARY generate revenue?

  • COMMONTARY's platform allows for commercial or sponsored breaks within audio streams
  • App download fees
  • Digital in-app advertising
  • Subscription/On-Demand fees for select content
  • Provide one-of-a-kind, sponsored user experiences
  • Increase user engagement and traffic to apps, websites, or social media channels
  • Add viewing segments via a platform that can alter the viewing experience without abandoning core viewers

Will it work with my current digital delivery systems?

  • YES! The COMMONTARY app is built & ready for white-labeled use or as a standalone product.
  • The underlying algorithm is very flexible and adaptable for a number of different platforms and uses

What about licensing and rights fees for the original video?

As long as audio content from the originating video is not being rebroadcast in an alternate audio stream, there are no legal ramifications for using COMMONTARY to deliver content. In fact, the alternate audio is itself protected by the 1st Amendment as opinion-based free speech. This content is essentially no different than Twitter commentary, except that it's delivered over audio that is synced with a user's video feed.

User-created original alternate audio is in and of itself considered proprietary and protected.

How does a listener find alternative audio commentary?

  • The user is steered to a media outlet's app, website, social media channel, or destination where the audio content is cataloged, searchable, and served.
  • A "Shazam"-style listening function whereby alternate audio options are delivered automatically is in development.