About Us

COMMONTARY was born out of MyTeamCalls LLC, which was established in 2014 with the goal of providing team-focused, professional quality alternative commentary for sports broadcasts. During our Beta, broadcasting teams called each game of the 2014 season for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, as well as select games of the 2014 World Series.

In order to deliver a completely seamless content experience that didn't require users to sync our audio with their game video via a DVR, we began to develop a technology to automatically sync our audio with a user's video. We wanted this technology to listen to a video feed and accompanying alternate audio source, listen to an end user's video feed, and then sync the alternate audio with their video. Furthermore, because the product's use was for live sports broadcasts, we wanted the technology to deliver our audio in real time, and to constantly be listening and syncing. For example, if a fan rewound a play, our audio would respond accordingly.

The end result is COMMONTARY, a first to market alternate audio and video syncing technology with uses that stretch far beyond sports broadcast content. Areas of potential application include entertainment, education, language translation, business-to-business communication, and more. We no longer create our own content, but rather are focused on getting our product into the hands of media outlets, back-end video streaming engines, and media talent who are ready to change the way people interact with and consume live and recorded video.

The "Systems and Methods For Customized Live-Streaming Commentary" U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 62/301,031 was filed in February 2016 by MyTeamCalls LLC dba COMMONTARY.